Training & Support

As an Action Club® franchisee you will receive all the training, support and guidance necessary to get your business up and running efficiently whilst reducing all the risks normally associated with a tradition business start-up because you will be following our proven system.

We will work with you to develop your business plan, help with staff employment (where required) and even find your venues and very first customers.

The Action Club® franchise is the development of our own successful business model that has been created, tested and refined to ensure that the very highest levels of service are delivered.

Our support team includes experienced Action Club® staff, hosts, business coaches and franchising specialists to ensure that all the aspects of your business are developed and managed correctly.

The Action Club® business is essentially quite simple. However, there are certain crucial elements that have ensured your initial rapid growth and continued success and it is imperative that our quality standards are maintained and all our operating systems are adhered to – completely. It is for this reason that a franchise will only be awarded to those candidates who demonstrate a commitment to maintain and uphold these standards. Action Club® ensure that our franchisees will enjoy the similar levels of success that we have by awarding a franchise to those who are right for the business.